A life in threes

Month: October, 2012

Last night, there was a party…in my brain.

I should’ve saved this post for SexedUp, but I know myself, and I’ve no doubt that I’ll get distracted by then, so…

I woke up this morning, hating my alarm clock, and fresh from a dream wherein I was hosting some sort of lesbian slumber party in my home.

SailorA, my friends, Brittany and E,  and my girlfriend, J, were there, along some of the folks from the Sacred Sexuality group, including Heather.  (As for the Sacred Sexuality folks –most of whom I’ve not actually met personally –my brain filled in the blanks of what these folks might look like.  According to my subconscious, of course, because I actually don’t know what some of them look like.)

Heather was wearing a beautiful red and white dress, which everyone was complimenting her on.   She and I were talking about the dress — I was curious as to where she got it, and whatnot — when I suddenly blurted out that she had ‘a nice bum.’ (Because ‘bum’ seemed, at the time, a more polite word to say than ‘ass’; don’t ask me why…)  But she just smiled and we, thankfully, had a good laugh about it.

So, the party was moving along as you might typically imagine.  People are laughing, socializing, conversing, with drinks in their hands, plates of food perched on their knees.

I looked around the room, and I notice that every person in the room just happens to be female (or seems to identify as such).

I see that Heather is over talking to a woman lounging on my living room couch, and I realize that she’s ‘brought’ Loki along. (Or, rather, He just showed up.)

It’s hard to explain, but then, the room filled with energy, and everyone started to feel the energy and joy of other…beings, and other things happening within the room.

So I guess you could say that things suddenly turned into a slumber party/orgy.

But, being the host, I became busy with something mundane (fixing an deflating air mattress in one of the guest rooms, actually).

So as much as I felt the energies of the ‘festivities’ around me, my damned alarm clock woke me up before I could partake in any fun sexytimes.


Do you think that this is my subconscious trying to tell me that I’ve been spending too much time in the Sacred Sexuality forum?

A drawing of Loki

This is a drawing that I did several months ago that I have been meaning to post.


Today is as good a day as any, I suppose.