Month for Loki: Fifteenth

Sometimes we don’t believe in ourselves as much as we could.

We aren’t aware of our own power.

One of the first things that Loki taught me involved a meditation/visualization technique for removing mental/emotional ‘obstacles’ in my mind.

Of course, I did not think that I could remove the obstacles myself, so He offered a few suggestions for my visualizations.

In short, He offered to ‘open the way’ for me, as He knew of my ability to picture things quite vividly in my mind.

(It is a skill that He will access if you have it, too.)

Later on, I went looking for validation of this UPG, I came upon these concepts discussed briefly in relation to Loki as a Trickster God on a site called LiveJournal:

“Trickster figures are often known as ‘way openers’ – related to being liminal figures, who cross boundaries and exist in the ‘in-between places’ (cross-roads, doorways, etc.)

For example, Loki is known for being the first deity to approach someone – and then for handing that person off to the deity/pantheon that the person is really meant to know or be with.

I can also see the link between the ability to remove obstacles and luck.”1


If negative thoughts or doubts, enter your mind, and you are adept at visualization, try visualizing your negative thought/doubt as being a tangible object, an obstacle to your intent.

Dispelling these obstacles can be achieved through visualization.

What follows are several examples of past visualizations I’ve used when working with Loki, as I’ve come to associate with each element:

First, visualize your negative thought/obstacle as the tangible object in your hands.

What color is it?

What does it smell like?

Remember its weight; become aware of its shape.

Now imagine yourself as handing this object – your obstacle – to Loki.

He takes it up, cupping it within His hands.

Air : Imagine your obstacle crumbling to dust as He holds it. Watch as He blows the dust from His hands.  Now breathe and refocus your thoughts.


Variation, on Air : You might imagine the obstacle as a living thing – such as a bird or an insect – and imagine how He holds it for a moment, examining it, before opening His hands as He lets it go.  Picture it in your mind as flying away from you, until it is nothing but a speck in the distance.  Now breathe and refocus your thoughts.


Fire : Imagine the obstacle being heated by the combined strength of your will and His, as a bright flame that rises up to consume your obstacle.  Watch as it is burned away by the flame, to ashes.  Now breathe and refocus your thoughts.

Earth : He has taken your obstacle of negativity and He crumples it in His hands, as if it were made of thin paper. He looks down toward the ground, and drops it onto the ground – or perhaps He grinds its form under His heel – and you watch as the soil ripples over the shape of your obstacle, absorbing its energy, pulling it down toward the center of the Earth, the source of all things. Imagine your obstacle scattering itself into the dark soil, away from your sight, away from your knowing as it is re-integrated and purified by the Earth itself. Now breathe and refocus your thoughts.


Water : Imagine Loki taking your obstacle into His hands, and He closes His fingers about its dark form, squeezing it tightly.  When He opens His hands, it first appears as murky water in His cupped palms.  Within a moment, water seeps from the openings in between His fingers, and you watch as it flows downward in a steady stream falling through His fingers. Notice that the water has become clearer as it falls to the ground, spreading into a puddle at your feet.   As He shakes this water from His fingers, droplets splattering upon the ground, this water sinks into the ground, evaporating like rain on concrete on a hot day. Now breathe and refocus your thoughts.


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