Here are some convenient bullet points:

– Today is Day 8 of my being on medications.  

The upside is that I am sleeping better, and therefore, find myself better able to have one thought at a time in an orderly fashion rather than several random cranky ones all at once, it seems.  The downside is this: an initial overall effect of sluggishness is often seen when beginning a daily regimen of (this medication), so I’m not enjoying that.

So I’m tired, but I am feeling calmer than usual.  I suppose that one must take the good with the bad.


– Despite being tired, I was somewhat productive today.  I weeded the front garden.  I pruned and deadheaded the main rose-bush, and I realized that my re-planted miniature roses from Valentine’s Day are actually going to live:  there are two blooms on the plant.

 I also re-potted the Salvia, and the Roma tomato and basil are doing well in the patio.

– I also walked the dog, did some housecleaning, did some laundry, and I paid bills.


– I’ve been writing letters lately.

 I wrote a letter to my sweetest friend that was… very well-received.  

This was the third time in a row.

 Perhaps this might become a Thing.


-I did not go to the Con this weekend as I had expected to.  I was very disappointed at first, but I was able to get around it.  One particular friend who was there checked in with me several times over the weekend, making sure that I didn’t feel forgotten.

Also, other friends checked in on me several times over the last few days.  I am thankful for those folks.  They are good friends.


– I’ve started drawing again.  

 I realized this weekend that I have had a DeviantArt account for two years now

                  ….and I have yet to submit any artwork to it.  

Several of my DA friends have been nudging me (patiently, but firmly) to submit something, anything…

And so I have sharpened my pencils, and I have begun…again.


I promise.

( It feels good to stretch my fingers that way.   I didn’t realize how much I’ve been missing it.)


And finally…

I don’t know how to say this succinctly, but I do want to end this post with a particular piece of news that is very meaningful to me.

I don’t think that it would serve much purpose to give much background on it, except to say that I asked for something that I was certain was an impossible request.

But evidently, it was not.

I received an apology from someone that was two years and ten months in coming to me.

Following that, specific circumstances are falling together, and there is definitely something brewing to coincide with the three year anniversary of a particularly powerful occurrence in my life.


I tell you, so much in my life comes in threes.