A life in threes

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Gods, I messed up today.

I need to get some help.

Spooky season is here!




Just so you know…

And for the others

This Mothers’ Day:

Maybe your mother was the perfect mother

Maybe she carried you

bled for you

sang to you

smiled at you

nurtured you and marveled in you

Maybe she understood your essence

and was patient and let you unfold

in your own time and in your own way

honoring the heart of you all the while

Maybe your mother cared for you

Maybe she was there for you

long past childhood days

Maybe your mother worked for you

cooked for you, sewed for you

Maybe your mother listened to you

Maybe she held space for you

Maybe your mother laughed with you

played with you

stayed with you through all your years

Maybe your mother protected you


Maybe she neglected you

rejected you

Maybe she abandoned you

hard-handed you

betrayed you

flayed you

Maybe your mother couldn’t mother

Maybe your mother forgot you

Maybe your mother lost interest

Maybe she grew cold

Maybe she never really loved you

Maybe you were just her duty

for a little while

Maybe your mother did the best she could

with what she had

Maybe she was sick or sad

Maybe her mother was bitter or bad

and hurt her in her deepest parts


Maybe you are a mother

Maybe you are a perfect mother

Maybe you pour abundant love into

your daughters, your sons

Maybe you delight in them

Maybe you struggle

Maybe you feel exhausted


lost and unseen

Maybe you feel nothing

Maybe you are just surviving

Maybe you are not a mother

but long to be a mother

Maybe you mother others

Maybe you don’t want to be a mother;

will never be a mother


We all need a mother

Yes, we do

And maybe there is a perfect mother

just for you

She is the mother of your mother

and your mother’s mother

and back as far as the eye can see

or mind can know

or soul can feel

to the first mother

Lie on the grass and feel her heart

You were formed of Her earth

You come from Her waters

Her winds kiss your cheek eternally

Her rains cry with you when you cry

and wash your wounds

She will heal you

nourish you

wait for you

She will give you beauty

She will give you joy

She will give you new life

again and again

She will always be there

to enfold you in Her embrace

when at last you return —

Maybe you have the perfect mother . . .

~ Rebekah Myers, A Perfect Mother
copyright © 5/9/2021 by Rebekah MyersSacredSistersFullMoonCircle


Happy Mothers Day to all of my readers/followers!

Happy Mother’s day to all of the Mothers 🌺

Happy Mother’s day to the Dads who do it all without a partner.

To the mothers whose babies never made it to Earth, or came to Earth but did not stay

To the mothers whose babies went to be with the Gods before we wanted them to.

Happy Mother’s day to the folx who want desperately to be a mother, but the Gods haven’t given you that chance just yet.

Happy Mother’s day to the teachers, the day care workers, the nannies, the foster parents who every day mother somebody else’s babies.

Today we honor you, but we love you every single day ❤️


Hail Pi!


Dear Bobby:

I woke up this morning, thinking of you.

When I logged into my laptop, with coffee in hand, Facebook reminded me how three years ago today, my husband, my youngest son and I flew home to Massachusetts.


Two weeks before, we’d gotten that terrible phone call.

They’d said you’d gone unconscious.

They’d said that you’d had a stroke.

We prayed so hard through the days between

You squeezing your mother’s hand suddenly

And when they’d said you had a long road of rehabilitation ahead of you.

We had so much hope that you’d come through this somehow.


Though what I remember most was sitting with you in the backyard on that warm summer day in July 2014.

We were listening to Amy Winehouse, drinking whiskey,  and talking about heartbreak.

(I mean, what a cliche, right?)

But what I remember most was how easily I had slipped into sharing details with you about my most recent hurts, the latest in the litany of pain that marked that horribly emotional, difficult summer.

But that was you – you were always so open, so easy to talk to, to laugh with, and to just be. You listened and allowed me to just be what I was that summer, which was probably sad, and maybe even more than a bit emotionally broken.

And I will never forget what you said to me that day, while I wallowed in my emotions.

You said:

I don’t know how I’m gonna help, but I wanna help. I’m hearin’ ya and I want ya to know I’m here for ya. I wanna tell ya, I’m here. I’m gonna be here for ya. I wanna help ya figure this all out. Always. I’m here. I’m here for ya.

And that was so you. You always had the blunt honesty to admit to me that you didn’t know what you could do to help me, but you offered me your presence, with a standing offer to be there to help me figure it all out.

Well, Bobby I never did figure it all out, but you listened, and you were there, and that was really what I needed. It did help me, you did help me. I will always be grateful for that, for your presence, and for your help.


It was hard to say goodbye to you, Bobby.

But I am thinking of you today.


May the tyrants fall on their own swords

“I am sharing these beautiful images and names of Ukrainian goddesses to ask that we join with others in prayers of peace and protection and sovereignty for Ukraine and her people. May the tyrants fall on their own swords.”

— Ruth Barrett

Lucky Day

When I was a kid, I was told that the day of the week that you were born becomes your ‘lucky’ day. So, that being said, my mom often told me that I was born on a Thursday – so, for years, I thought my lucky day was Thursday. It sure felt like it – perhaps because I believed in it for so long.

But…later on, thanks to Google, I found out that I was actually born on a Wednesday.

I never expected that, since according to that nursery rhyme, Wednesday’s child is (supposedly) full of woe.

Ouch. That’s not nice.

Though I will admit that both of my children – even though they were born 10 years apart – were also born on a Wednesday.

We are a woeful bunch, eh?

So, has Wednesday been any luckier for me than Thursday was?

Well I’ve never noticed much of a difference honestly, but there you have it.

Oh! And according to Google, the day associated with Aries (that’s my zodiac sign) is…Tuesday 樂
Never been a fan of Tuesday tho.

Which day of the week is your lucky day?