A life in threes

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Here we go….again.

Gods, it’s 4 in the morning…again.

I fell asleep while watching TV with my kid around midnight.

I hate this cycle of sleeping for a few hours and then I’m up at 4:00 AM *for the day*


Month for Loki: Five.

“Lokkr is the art of calling something towards oneself.

Lokkr is the art of compelling, the art of affecting change from the inside.

Lokkr is the art of singing the sweetest songs, using the most alluring words.

The most irresistible commands come from the breath, yet they seem as fragile as leaves in the wind

Lokkr is how we draw energy, how we pull magic towards us.”

                                                                                                 -Valas, Haegen

Artwork by Muirin007

Month for Loki: Four

Baby, You’re a firework…


Mother’s Day

Reading rhis article was helpful for me today, as Mother’s Day has always been a day of mixed emotions for me.

The Wild Will Call You Back

I can not express how much I love this poem composed by Gina Puorro. I think I might start reading this prayer/spell every day.

The Wild will call you back.

Through half-remembered dreams

and sunsets painted

in burnt sienna

and vermillion flames

she will call you back home.

The coyotes will wake you

from your sleep

with their clarion call

to keep your eyes

wide open.

How long have you been sleeping?

How much have you forgotten?

The Wild will call you back.

She will hang you upside down

and shake the nonsense

from the pockets

of your mind.

She will strip your soul naked

leaving you raw and exposed

under the searing glare

of the gods.

Offer up the holiness

of your confusion

and questions.

Dress yourself

in fireflies

and attune your senses

to awe

while you learn the slow seduction

of courting your muse.

Brush the stardust from your wings

and wipe the ocean from your eyes.

Flex your claws

dig your roots deep down

into the fertile earth

and show your fangs.

Gather pollen on your legs

and speak

in venom

and honey.

Peel back your colonized tongue

and let it hiss

and purr

and growl

and scream.

Do you remember

how to stalk

as predator

and how to surrender

as prey?

The Wild will call you back.

The owls know your real name

and will call you

from the darkness of night

to dance under the moon.

Crack your heart open

with your ancestors’ bones

and dance in the ecstasy

of your love

and your grief

with flailing limbs

bloody knees

and mud-stained feet.

Braid mugwort into your hair

and dream yourself


The Wild will call you back.

She will teach you how to die

again and again

and how to die well.

There is no difference

between your funeral pyre

and your birth canal.

Do not bother

to try and stop

the bleeding.

Love with the gentleness

and ferocity

of your whole


tender being.

Feed the spirits

with your beauty

and sweetness

and ask them to show you

the way home.

~ Gina Puorro


Here we go… again.

14 February 2021

A Valentine’s wish for all of my readers 💕

The final piece, and a weird little coincidence.

In other news, I received the final piece in my commission to become a Florida notary public this past Thursday; my commission stamp finally arrived in the mail!

As you might imagine, I am excited to begin to work as a notary public, as it’s another great addition to my skill-set.

But while I was out with my kid at the grocery store yesterday (Friday), I experienced a strange coincidence.

This guy had walked up to us, asking for money. He claimed to be homeless, and he launched into a story about how he needed $17 for food, and $50 for – I kid you not – notary public fees.

He then admitted that he’d already gotten $4 of the amount that he needed by pulling the four one dollar bills from his wallet as if to show us proof of his honesty.

Now, since I have recently become a notary public – my commission is marked as beginning on 3rd February 2021 as a matter of fact! – I thought that $50 sounded like a huge amount for notary fees.


Because, according to the state of Florida, “a notary may charge up to $10 in notary fees for any notarial act… If you charge a higher fee than prescribed by law, the Governor may suspend your commission.”

So I was wondering what in the world this guy needed notarized that required *five* notarial acts to be performed to be considered legal.

I mean, barring the solemnization of a marriage, or signing for a mortgage on a house (which can require, on average, two stamped notarizations) I cannot fathom why he’d need $50 just for notary fees.

It definitely struck me as the oddest part of his story – his insistence on needing money for notary fees!

So, between us, my son and I gave him a grand total of $13, for which this man was grateful – but for some reason, it did not occur to me to offer him my newly minted notary services.

But it amuses me to think now that I could have!

What a weird little coincidence, I could have said to him, I just became a notary public as of last week…!