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Month: April, 2015

For The Girl Who Just Wants To Know If It’s Going To Be Okay

This. This.
So much this.


For the girl who just wants to know if it’s going to be okay,

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Take a deep breath. 

Not only in the moments when you’re scared, upset, or on the verge of crocodile tears, but remember to stop and take a breath in the moments when you find yourself on top of the world. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to look around at how far you have climbed. Look up above you and be reminded that there will always be new heights to reach. If the earth is below you and the sky is above you, I can promise you that there is a fire within you. Find what it is that makes that fire burn and chase it. And in the moments you don’t think you could possibly take one more step, stop and take a deep breath. Be reminded that even if you have nothing else…

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‘There is a secret about human love that is commonly overlooked: receiving it is much more scary and threatening than giving it.   How many times in your life have you been unable to let in someone’s love, or pushed it away?  Much as we proclaim the wish to be truly loved, we are often afraid of that, and find it difficult to open to love or let it all the way in.’

John Welwood


He said:

‘Is it so difficult?

And so I will tell you again what you must do: 

Open up to love. 

Just love.

Let love consume you.  

Let love engulf you in its joy.

You must trust in your love.

You must allow love to take hold of you.

You must allow yourself to feel.

You must forgive yourself and allow yourself 

Love without condition,

Love without attachments,

Love without goals,

Love without agendas.

You must love for the sake of love.

Don’t you see?

You must allow yourself to be taken by joy.

Release yourself to love.  Surrender yourself to joy.

You must not fear being open.

You must open up to love.’


Daily Draw: 8 of Cups, Unn

Oh my gods, does this reading speak to me.
Yikes. :-/

The Muse's Darling

Today’s draw is about having the guts to cut away and leave behind what is no longer good for you. This is not a happy-making draw, which is a bummer, but there you go. You’re dragging around your dead and you need to bury them and move on. And it’s not just you: there is a family history of doing what you’re doing, thinking you can fix it or change it or somehow make some good come out of it, or maybe you’ve been taught to think that it’s your place, your purpose in life to carry everybody else’s burdens and sorrows. What pained your mother must also pain you. What terrified your father must also terrify you. Fuck that. End it. You don’t need to be burdened by what burdened your ancestors. They had their own battles and you have yours. You may fight them in the same ways…

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A short conversation.

Saturday, 18 April 2015.

4:36 am

Me: *drunken whinge*

Mr. L: *raises eyebrow*

Me: *more whinge*

Mr. L:  Hey.  Hey.  Shhh.

Me: *pauses*

Mr L:  Do you hear that?

Me:   Um…what?  *looks around blearily*

Mr L: You.  Not complaining.  That’s a wonderful sound, don’t you think? *smirk*



I’m spending this Sunday morning by the ocean.

It is quiet; almost peaceful.  This morning is a landscape of muted blues and soothing greys bordered in shades of white and brown.

I am surprised that I have not seen many seagulls, but I have seen a lot of crows.

I was awakened by several of them calling to each other this morning, over the soothing rhythm of the waves.  (These are two unrelated but much welcomed sounds to me, and this makes me happy.)

They left a few glossy black feathers on the balcony.

I have made a decision.

When I am old, and accountable to few but myself, I am going to live by the ocean.

While I am quite certain that there will always be an ocean

I hope that there will always be crows.

Wednesday Motivation

Yes. Yes. Yes.
I am *famous* for overthinking *everything*
And this post wouldn’t be the first time that this point wasn’t being driven home by random Internet posts….or by several Someone(s).

The point is taken ❤

It's Ok Not To Be Ok


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