For The Girl Who Just Wants To Know If It’s Going To Be Okay

by beanalreasa

This. This.
So much this.


For the girl who just wants to know if it’s going to be okay,

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 9.19.23 PM

Take a deep breath. 

Not only in the moments when you’re scared, upset, or on the verge of crocodile tears, but remember to stop and take a breath in the moments when you find yourself on top of the world. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to look around at how far you have climbed. Look up above you and be reminded that there will always be new heights to reach. If the earth is below you and the sky is above you, I can promise you that there is a fire within you. Find what it is that makes that fire burn and chase it. And in the moments you don’t think you could possibly take one more step, stop and take a deep breath. Be reminded that even if you have nothing else…

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