A life in threes

Month: September, 2021

OK. This makes no sense.

Yesterday, I was on FB, scrolling through my feed and I came across one of those posts that ask about things that some would consider ‘data mining’ type questions.

You know the kind…the post asks an innocent question, but the answers in the comment require you to reveal your favorite color, what school you went to, or your mother’s maiden name.

Though my comment did not answer the question, I saw that *a page* (rather than a person) liked my comment mere seconds after I posted it.

So I clicked on it, wondering why this page – supposedly run by ‘ the real Ellen Degeneres’ – liked my comment so quickly. Evidently it was nothing but an advertisement for a ‘sweepstakes’ that ‘Ellen’ is running and the prize is a 🌟$1000 gift card from Amazon 🌟 BUT you must answer 3️⃣ Easy Questions!!!


(More data mining questions.)

So I reported the page for ‘impersonating a celebrity’ and basically being a scam.

FB even robo-thanked me for reporting the page.

And this morning, the post I screenshotted showing the page in my report to FB was flagged as – you guessed it – ‘a post that goes against FB community standards’


The post referred to was simply my report *to* FB so I don’t know HOW my post reporting a page could ‘go against community standards’?!

The report showing the post of a post that was posted was the post that was…wrong?

How meta can you get?


I promise.