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A chilling interruption.

This afternoon, while I was working on a piece of embroidery for a customer, I was listening to a podcast that advertises itself as a collection of chilling horror tales.

As well, I was listening to this podcast by using wireless headphones, in an effort to block out the sounds of my husband watching tv (loudly) in the nearby living room.

Things seemed to be going well enough, and though I hadn’t reached a tale yet that I’d found particularly chilling, the one that I’d been in the middle of listening to did have a lot of dramatic pauses, such as:

“I was standing there, staring into the gloom of the basement

when I suddenly saw the shadow of what looked like

a large disheveled man on the other side of the room.

Something felt wrong, I thought to myself

as I watched, terrified,

as this man began to move toward me!

And as he moved closer, I realized that his face appeared …

sunken, broken, deformed in some hideous way…

and suddenly, his mouth opened as if to speak

and he said…


chimed my headphones, to notify me – just before they shut down – that I need to plug in to recharge them!




Though I do wonder what that poor disheveled man had to say.


Stay tuned!


There’s an interesting game going around Twitter

– and now the Internet –

that involves writing your autobiography using predictive text feature on your phone:


Have you played it?

This is what I got:

“I was born in the middle of a lesson but i think its not the same thing that ties into my head from the past.”



Born in the middle of a lesson, indeed.