A life in threes

Month: May, 2013

An (in)auspicious day.

Twenty one years ago today, I met V.

I write this to make the commemoration that, as of today, I have known V for exactly half of my life.

While in theory, I have looked forward to this day, the reality of its arrival actually depresses me today.

Amicule deliciae num is sum qui mentiar tibi?

So I was close to grasping the meaning of my dream that I had the other night…

Now I’m pretty sure that I know what the ferryman in that dream was saying.

Do you know what that Latin quote means?

It means

‘ Baby, sweetheart, would I lie to you?’

All I can say is this:

 I know who the ferry man is referring to, and it isn’t himself, of course.

Another case of ‘I see what you did there.’

and using sarcasm about lying to point me to the truth.