A life in threes

A kid’s eye view.




My younger son drew this some time ago.

I was talking to a friend earlier this afternoon, and I mentioned that my youngest son often draws pictures of the Norse gods.

This particular picture was a gift for me, because I had been having an awful day, and K wanted to cheer me up.

(In case you could not guess, it is a drawing of Loki (Loce) and his daughter, Hela (Hal).)

And I must say, it *did* cheer me up…especially the fact that Hela is smiling.


Who wouldn’t be cheered by Hela smiling?






Breakfast in America.

On my way to the supermarket, I noticed this sign:


It got me to wondering.  What if this sign meant what I’d initially thought that it had meant, and Denny’s had suddenly wanted to appeal to linguist nerds?

How long do you think that it’s going to be before Denny’s puts out a menu in Classical Greek?

Or how about ancient Hebrew?


Or best yet, Proto-Indo-European?

That’s what I want to see:  a Denny’s menu in PIE.

Or, at the very least, a dessert menu.


Linguists don’t make much money, but linguists gotta eat.