A life in threes

MfL, Four: Names

Loki, by three other names:

  • Farmr arma Sigynjar: Sigyn’s arm-burden [lover]

I will admit that, upon first seeing this kenning years ago, I did think that this kenning for Loki referred to Sigyn’s holding of the bowl over Loki’s face (as anyone who has ever held something – however small – with their arms outstretched for longer than a few minutes has experienced that incessant twinge of muscle fatigue in their arms.) So, using that logic, perhaps one might see how I could have thought of the act of holding the bowl could have referred to the holding of a physical burden in one’s arms.

And yet, I was delighted to find out sometime later, in reading an article regarding Norse terms of endearment, that “arm-burden” is a common kenning for lover, referring to the husband/lover laying in the woman’s arms.

Sweet ❤

Loki and Sigyn var2 by Hellanim


  • Gammleið: Vulture-path(2)

I have written of this kenning before, as early on in my practice with Loki, I was inexplicably led to explore Loki’s connection to vultures. I was having almost daily interactions with vultures where I live (Florida), coupled with several rather intense interactions with Loki thereafter, also involving vultures. (You can read of one particular connective experience here.) And through that exploration, Gammleið has become one of my favorite kennings for Loki.

  • Hveðrungr

I’ve seen this word translated loosely as ‘Roarer’ and like the above kenning, I had trouble fathoming the connection of Hveðrungr to Loki at first.

What is something that could be associated with Loki that ‘roars’?

I thought of lions – which certainly did not fit – but it was not until I was burning some extremely flammable offerings to Loki in a fire pit in my backyard one day that I heard how loud a bonfire can be:

A large bonfire ROARS

And I suppose is what led to a bit of my UPG that Loki as Roarer refers to Loki in an association with fire — whether as a hearthfire(1) at the center of a home, or as a bonfire full of sacrificial offerings(2) – as I’ve always gotten the impression that Loki is a roaring spirit who appreciates offerings consumed by flames.

Not to mention this entry in Rudolf Simek’s Dictionary of Northern Mythology, which defines Hveðrungr thusly:

In Vǫluspá 55, Vidarr takes revenge for the death of his father, Odin, by killing ‘Hveðrungr‘s son,’ who, according to Snorri (Gylfaginning 50), must be the Fenris wolf. As the father of the Fenris wolf is Loki, Hveðrungr would therefore be a name for Loki. The term Hveðrungr maer for Hel, who is also a daughter of Loki’s (Ynglingatal 32), would support this.

(S. Nordal, Vǫluspá, Darmstadt 1980)

Simek, Rudolf, (trans. Angela Hall), Dictionary of Northern Mythology, D.S Brewer, Cambridge, 1993; p. 166

#30 days


1.) From Axel Olrik’s manuscript on Loki as a spirit of home and hearth in Norway:

2.) Loptson, Dagulf, Playing With Fire: An Exploration of Loki Laufeyjarson, Asphodel Press, Hubbardston, MA, 2014; p. 136

MfL, Three: Warning

They whisper lovingly words that sound like a warning. What do They say to you?

This { thing } might serve you now – but it will not serve you much longer.

#30 days

MfL Two: Introduction

  1. Introduce us to your God:

They are a Madman, a Magician, and a clever Trickster.

They are a Lover, a Shaman, and a wily Shapeshifter.

They are a Seiðmaðr, a Consort, and a Master of Boundaries.

They are my heart’s sweetest Friend…

And I’m so glad that They found me

#30 days

Loki, by jadelightinleaks

MfL One : Lokabrenna

So here it is — July again!

And, as is tradition, this blog will be participating in a Month for Loki – that’s 30 days of devotional posting in honor of the Norse God, Loki Laufeyjarson

So, to start things off, here’s a short devotional prayer by ladybrythwensinclair, on Tumblr :

Hail Loki

“Hail to the Friend of the Wanderer

Hail to the Keeper of the Torch of Summer*

Hail to the Laughing God of Trickery

Bless and walk with us this day”


Artwork: Lokabrenna, sketch by trixter-noname


*The star Sirius is associated with Loki and known in antiquity as Loki’s Torch (Lokabrenna). It is associated also with the hottest part of summer in the northern hemisphere (aka the dog days of summer).

Wasted time

While I know that there are bigger things going on today than what’s going on with me and my *feelings* – I wanted to share this poem.

It is the way that I feel.



Just so you know…

Hail to the honored dead

Today is Memorial Day in the United States.

For folks of all faiths who have fallen in the service of our country, hail to the honored dead.

May they be fondly remembered and their service honored, even if the reasons and conflicts were wrongheaded.

To serve is honorable, even if the leaders and wars are not.

May they be in our flowing cups freshly remembered.

In 2013, the Mjolnir symbol was added to the Arlington National Cemetery database for use on headstones

And for the others

This Mothers’ Day:

Maybe your mother was the perfect mother

Maybe she carried you

bled for you

sang to you

smiled at you

nurtured you and marveled in you

Maybe she understood your essence

and was patient and let you unfold

in your own time and in your own way

honoring the heart of you all the while

Maybe your mother cared for you

Maybe she was there for you

long past childhood days

Maybe your mother worked for you

cooked for you, sewed for you

Maybe your mother listened to you

Maybe she held space for you

Maybe your mother laughed with you

played with you

stayed with you through all your years

Maybe your mother protected you


Maybe she neglected you

rejected you

Maybe she abandoned you

hard-handed you

betrayed you

flayed you

Maybe your mother couldn’t mother

Maybe your mother forgot you

Maybe your mother lost interest

Maybe she grew cold

Maybe she never really loved you

Maybe you were just her duty

for a little while

Maybe your mother did the best she could

with what she had

Maybe she was sick or sad

Maybe her mother was bitter or bad

and hurt her in her deepest parts


Maybe you are a mother

Maybe you are a perfect mother

Maybe you pour abundant love into

your daughters, your sons

Maybe you delight in them

Maybe you struggle

Maybe you feel exhausted


lost and unseen

Maybe you feel nothing

Maybe you are just surviving

Maybe you are not a mother

but long to be a mother

Maybe you mother others

Maybe you don’t want to be a mother;

will never be a mother


We all need a mother

Yes, we do

And maybe there is a perfect mother

just for you

She is the mother of your mother

and your mother’s mother

and back as far as the eye can see

or mind can know

or soul can feel

to the first mother

Lie on the grass and feel her heart

You were formed of Her earth

You come from Her waters

Her winds kiss your cheek eternally

Her rains cry with you when you cry

and wash your wounds

She will heal you

nourish you

wait for you

She will give you beauty

She will give you joy

She will give you new life

again and again

She will always be there

to enfold you in Her embrace

when at last you return —

Maybe you have the perfect mother . . .

~ Rebekah Myers, A Perfect Mother
copyright © 5/9/2021 by Rebekah MyersSacredSistersFullMoonCircle


Happy Mothers Day to all of my readers/followers!

Happy Mother’s day to all of the Mothers 🌺

Happy Mother’s day to the Dads who do it all without a partner.

To the mothers whose babies never made it to Earth, or came to Earth but did not stay

To the mothers whose babies went to be with the Gods before we wanted them to.

Happy Mother’s day to the folx who want desperately to be a mother, but the Gods haven’t given you that chance just yet.

Happy Mother’s day to the teachers, the day care workers, the nannies, the foster parents who every day mother somebody else’s babies.

Today we honor you, but we love you every single day ❤️