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OK. This makes no sense.

Yesterday, I was on FB, scrolling through my feed and I came across one of those posts that ask about things that some would consider ‘data mining’ type questions.

You know the kind…the post asks an innocent question, but the answers in the comment require you to reveal your favorite color, what school you went to, or your mother’s maiden name.

Though my comment did not answer the question, I saw that *a page* (rather than a person) liked my comment mere seconds after I posted it.

So I clicked on it, wondering why this page – supposedly run by ‘ the real Ellen Degeneres’ – liked my comment so quickly. Evidently it was nothing but an advertisement for a ‘sweepstakes’ that ‘Ellen’ is running and the prize is a ūüĆü$1000 gift card from Amazon ūüĆü BUT you must answer 3ÔłŹ‚É£ Easy Questions!!!


(More data mining questions.)

So I reported the page for ‘impersonating a celebrity’ and basically being a scam.

FB even robo-thanked me for reporting the page.

And this morning, the post I screenshotted showing the page in my report to FB was flagged as – you guessed it – ‘a post that goes against FB community standards’


The post referred to was simply my report *to* FB so I don’t know HOW my post reporting a page could ‘go against community standards’?!

The report showing the post of a post that was posted was the post that was…wrong?

How meta can you get?


Month for Loki, Day 3: Pretty

Today I did something that I haven’t done in over 15 years.

I went and got a manicure.



And then, I did something that I’ve never done.

I got myself a pedicure as well.


(I’d never done so because I’ve always felt sort of guilty. ¬†I’ve always been a service-oriented person. ¬†While I’ve given myself pedicures, and I have given others pedicures, somehow I’ve never gotten around to getting one myself.)


Technically, it wasn’t just a pedicure.

Much to my surprise, this encompassed a little more than simply someone else painting my nails.  This particular salon offered their clients their pedicures in some swanky shiatsu massage chairs from Brookstone, and I got a 30 minute foot massage and my choice of  over a dozen genres of  music to listen to through headphones that were provided while I was getting said massage.

(And again, I’ve given many a foot massage, but I’ve never been on the receiving¬†end of a foot massage myself, let alone one while sitting in such¬†a comfortable leather chair listening to soothing music.)

I’m telling you, it was pretty swank…and a very welcome treat.

And I had a good hearty laugh¬†when a woman sitting next to me – who¬†was also getting a pedicure – leaned over and demanded to know why I was¬†getting ‘special treatment.’

When the technicians asked her what she was talking about, she pointed to me and blurted out:

“Why does her chair have a vibrator and mine doesn’t?”

The technicians just looked at each other, and deadpanned, “Ma’m, we’re sorry but this is not that kind of salon.”

It seemed to take a moment for the woman to realize the meaning of their response, but I could not help myself and I¬†burst out laughing. ¬†Then the technicians started laughing too, because I don’t think that they could help themselves anymore either.

It was rather funny, and I couldn’t help but think to myself that this was truly a superb moment of trolling worthy of¬†¬†Loki Himself.

I left the salon feeling relaxed, pampered and oh so…pretty thusly:


And in regards to Loki, I know that He would have been pleased to note that I engaged in some self-pampering today,¬†as I see Him as a¬†Deity Who¬†–¬†along with Freyja- ¬†teaches lessons involving reciprocity and recognizing our own self-worth. ¬†

He knows that it pushes me out of my comfort zone to receive attention and service from others at times, and Loki was there to remind me that I deserve to receive just as much as I give and I am worthy of the attention and service that I received from others today.

And I left the salon feeling pampered and pretty and most of all, worthy of the joy that I felt in receiving.


Hail Loki ‚̧