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Wasted time

While I know that there are bigger things going on today than what’s going on with me and my *feelings* – I wanted to share this poem.

It is the way that I feel.


Today I resolved to get some major yardwork done.

After the emotional ‘storms’ that I experienced yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling that the best remedy for my situation would to go out and physically do something, accomplish something.

And yardwork as a physical activity definitely fit the bill.

And speaking of storms, one may recall that my home sustained some damage from a wind event/hailstorm several weeks ago – as detailed in this post – and my husband and I met with our insurance company and a roofing company shortly after to discuss repairs and fill out the requisite paperwork.

Well, finally, we received word last night from the insurance company that all of our paperwork had been approved and all of the repairs would be covered in full.

So I spent the morning clearing the yard of the last of the deadfall and debris from the fallen tree – which had taken my husband and his brother several days to cut into pieces, even with the use of a chainsaw.    Thankfully the waste management company came and collected 8 bundles of branches, but the all of those loose pieces that couldn’t be as easily bundled were refused.

So I spent the rest of this morning burning them:


As well, the process of collection led to some inadvertent blood-letting:


But all in all, the process was rather cathartic…in the most profound way.