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Dodging or crying.

Hello there.

As usual, I have not written in a bit, beyond the sharing of clever memes and posts of other people’s (excellent) poetry.

So for those interested, here’s an update on what’s been going on with me lately:

— This past week, I’ve been fighting a rather nasty sinus cold with more than enough congestion to leave my sinuses feeling as raw and the rest of my body as exhausted as if I have just been rescued from a week-long bout of drowning.

Though speaking of drowning, I found it more than ironic to notice that this blog has had a surprisingly high amount of hits to two particular posts that reference my feelings of metaphorically flailing and drowning in regards to my spirituality, as well.

But really, I’m doing fine.

Though I was getting tired of being notified daily about the repetitive hits to that one post about Lydia (from a tight cluster of specific locations in the U.S) so, in case anybody wonders why, yeah, I did mark that particular post as private for now.(1)

— As well, you may have heard about Hurricane Dorian – which it is/was speculated to hit Florida sometime this Labor Day weekend.

Hurricane Dorian is the first storm of the season, and not surprisingly, the meteorologists around here in Florida have been whipping everyone into a frenzy since Wednesday about the possibility that it might make landfall as a Category 4 – which would be one hell of a destructive storm.

The local news showed Dorian’s trajectory to encompass most of the Floridian peninsula. The weather maps showed that even Central Florida would be hit hard:


So my family and I – along with everyone else in Florida – have been ‘battening down the hatches’ as it were, boarding up windows and doors, collecting supplies (bottled water, canned goods, matches, candles, propane, batteries) and filling up with fuel for our generators/vehicles, making sandbags, and putting any and everything we value into storage/safety/out of harm’s way.

As of Friday morning, the Florida governor officially called for the evacuation of coastal areas, and most local shelters were opened to accept evacuating people and pets.

People were already settling into the shelters on Friday night.

Local schools and universities canceled classes for Tuesday, September 3rd.

Supermarkets reported that they’d run out of bottled water and gas stations were closing due to being out of fuel.

However, this morning – Saturday – I woke up to the local news,

reporting that it looks that perhaps Hurricane Dorian would not be hitting Florida at all.

So guess who’s freaking out and calling for evacuations now?

South Carolina and North Carolina.


So I don’t know anymore.

Either way, the storm that is Dorian is hitting the Bahamas now.

And the newest news from the meteorologists is that  Dorian may/may not make landfall somewhere in Florida by Monday or Tuesday…

and might hit the Carolinas by Wednesday.

But no one knows for certain.

So: Are we dodging the bullet of a devastating storm….or are all these meteorologists just crying wolf?

Who the fsck knows?

I predict that whatever happens, the next storm to come to Florida is gonna take us all completely by surprise because I can tell you that all this manufactured panic that has been created by the local news has got everyone around here feeling really exhausted and more than a bit skeptical.

So I guess we just wait and see.


(1) And to that one person that is so obsessed with that ‘Lydia’ post enough to hit that blog post several times in a single day – what gives? If you are who I think you are (based upon your IP) stop reading into what you think I am saying in that post – because you are wrong. Better yet, you might want to stop reading my blog altogether. Thanks.

Update: Pray Hard!

So, I’ve spent the last few days creating and adding some more product to my Etsy shop


and drawing a shop logo and making plans for the upcoming holidays.


For the readers of this blog who are not interested in shop talk, please don’t worry: I’ve been working on creating an entirely separate blog for my shop, in case I have readers that would be bored to tears by shop updates and product discussions.

Likewise, if you are a blog reader who is interested in reading about the behind the scenes adventures of having an Etsy shop and you would like to follow my shop blog, please let me know and I will be certain to let you know once the creation of  the shop blog is complete.


Update: Here is the dedicated shop blog


 Such as yesterday, I spent most of the day working on a set of chaplet-style prayer beads for Hela

and I’m really pleased with how they turned out.

I wanted to make them in the style of a rosary – so I hand-twisted and glued all of the hooks/links between the beads:


It was a bit time-consuming – but I’ve always preferred the chaplet/rosary style when I make my own personal prayer beads – so I felt as if it was worth taking the time to get it right.

I was impressed with myself in making this piece; it is exactly the sort of prayers beads I would purchase for myself… y’know, if I hadn’t already made them.

Though it got me to thinking, as I was making it: I wanted to make certain that I stabilized the links enough.

You see, even though I’m not even a Catholic – I’ve always thought that rosary bead sets look and feel wonderful.

I love how the beads of a well-made set will effortlessly slide through my fingers during prayer… mmm, lovely ❤

Unfortunately, I’ve found most rosary beads to be rather fragile in my experience.

But this fact is not lost on me that, as much as I love the structure and appearance of rosary beads, when in the act of praying with them, I have been known to somehow inevitably destroy them.

I suppose that I must hold the beads too tightly or try to push them over my fingers too vigorously, or something..

In other words, I pray hard.

But I’m proud to say that I think that this set of Hela beads that I’ve made – could withstand even me and my vigorously devotional handling LOL.


And the other thing I learned?  I really could use better lighting over my work-space.







Today I resolved to get some major yardwork done.

After the emotional ‘storms’ that I experienced yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling that the best remedy for my situation would to go out and physically do something, accomplish something.

And yardwork as a physical activity definitely fit the bill.

And speaking of storms, one may recall that my home sustained some damage from a wind event/hailstorm several weeks ago – as detailed in this post – and my husband and I met with our insurance company and a roofing company shortly after to discuss repairs and fill out the requisite paperwork.

Well, finally, we received word last night from the insurance company that all of our paperwork had been approved and all of the repairs would be covered in full.

So I spent the morning clearing the yard of the last of the deadfall and debris from the fallen tree – which had taken my husband and his brother several days to cut into pieces, even with the use of a chainsaw.    Thankfully the waste management company came and collected 8 bundles of branches, but the all of those loose pieces that couldn’t be as easily bundled were refused.

So I spent the rest of this morning burning them:


As well, the process of collection led to some inadvertent blood-letting:


But all in all, the process was rather cathartic…in the most profound way.




This past Saturday, the area where I live experienced some pretty crazy weather.

First, it rained.

Then it hailed.

Then the wind picked up.

The combination of these three weather phenomena caused a lot of damage in my neighborhood and the surrounding area.

Though the NOAA refers to Saturday’s weather as simply a ‘wind event,’ my husband V and I watched as this ‘wind event’ uproot a 15-year old tree in our backyard, which then twisted and smashed through two panels of the wooden fence behind it:


The only reason that the tree didn’t hit the back of the neighbor’s house is that the lower branches snagged on one of the broken fence posts.

The wind also tore shingles off the roof, cracked the rain- gutters, tore off several of the gutter pipes, and two more fence panels further down the fence-line.


As you can see, the rain flooded the backyard and that white stuff in the foreground is… the accumulation of hailstones.

The hail ranged in size from peas to navy-beans:


Hail pelted the storm windows for about 40 minutes, tore holes in many of the window screens, cracked the glazing, and scratched and/or pockmarked the glass of several windows.

This ‘wind event’ also blew off most of the foliage on our hedges, and destroyed a good portion of the smaller plants in our front garden.

The rest of our neighborhood didn’t do so well, either, between all the flooding, wind-damage, and debris that battered pretty much all of the houses in our neighborhood.  Shingles, deadfall/debris, and broken fence panels are strewn throughout everyone’s yard.  It would seem that nearly everyone in the immediate three-mile radius suffered some sort of damage during Saturday’s storm 😦



The adjuster from the insurance company and a roof inspector came today to discuss the replacement of the roof of both our house and our patio, as well as the repair of the fence.

My biggest concern was the water damage to the interior ceilings, as there is now a single crack in the plaster of the ceiling in the kitchen that  now requires a bucket to catch the thin but steady leak of water when it rains.

But we are grateful.

Things could have been so much worse, and we are grateful that only the roof and the fence were the only damages.

Thankfully, insurance has offered to cover most, if not all, of the required repairs.  Anything that was damaged is certainly replaceable.

We were shaken, but we are OK.