New Year.

by beanalreasa

So now that the month is halfway over, I think that I can safely point out that there’s been a few changes from this time last year :

-Even though on this date last year, my husband was unemployed, I am happy to say that he has has held positions with three separate tech companies since then.   As a matter of fact, there’s the further change that his latest job is with a company based out of Washington, DC…and it’s not virtual office as the others were, so my husband is maintaining both a home office and an office in DC.

-Second change is that my oldest son doesn’t live at home any longer.  He splits his time between work and school, and he has been living in his own place since May.  I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with the extra space, formerly referred to as his bedroom.

-Third change, which is rather recent, is that my husband and I broke it off with our long-term girlfriend two weeks ago. 

Yeah, it still hurts, but we’re getting through as best we can. 

And in a way, there seemed to be foreshadowing to that:  Four weeks ago, around the same time that I was collecting supplies for a necklace that I was making for the Yule gift exchange, I commissioned with another craftsperson to make a custom necklace for said girlfriend, to be completed by January 4th.

Turns out the craftsperson — who was also a friend of mine — had a sudden family emergency on Dec 29th, which made it so she could not even begin to create the necklace, let alone finish it, by January 4th.  She was so apologetic, and very worried because of it; her email to me asked outright if she’d “ruined my holiday’ by ‘inconveniencing’ me this way. 

After what happened on January 4th, I don’t know if my friend would have been a little relieved that she didn’t need to make anything for anyone, after all.



Here’s to experiencing more positive changes in the New Year.