Another thing to keep my hands — and mind — busy.

by beanalreasa

I might have said this at my other blog, but I don’t know if I’ve said it here:

I’ve taken up crocheting.

My youngest kid has, too.

It’s very relaxing – and the both of us have spent some quality time bonding this way.   We watch TV – usually old episodes of Adventure Time, or Supernatural – and help each other with our crocheting projects.

Though I’ve known it for years, it fills me with joy to see my kid realizing the sense of accomplishment that comes when one has created something with one’s own hands.

We are working on a scarf, I suppose, since we are just beginners:


Yes, I know that we live in a mainly tropical climate – and scarves will hardly ever be as necessary as we would hope — but it’s been gratifying to work on a Thing together, my kid and I.

I like the earth tones especially — the greens, browns, and greys of this yarn that we’re using — but I didn’t read the suggested directions that one should plan to buy two skeins of it to make this scarf as described.

(Hell, I think that I might buy a bit more than two more skeins — and learn to make a matching hat to go with this scarf.)


Meanwhile, we will practice on keeping our work straight but loose right now, as we get in touch with LSP’s feelings, and follow Sam and Dean through their second season of adventures.