Brothers, of darkness, of light.

by beanalreasa

Czernobog czern[y]-“black” – bog – “god”

Bielobog biel[o] – “white” – bog – “god”


Hail to You Czernobog!  Hail to You, Bielobog!

Hail to You, brothers not in the grave!

Mountain and river, lightning and shadow.

Dual-natured Gods, shepherd of wolves,

Dispenser of fortunes, of darkness, of light.

Yours is the clash between order and chaos,

The eternal struggle for balance

That forces each world into being.

You are not dead, not forgotten,

And far from  the grave.

Hail Czernobog, the deep river of memory

Hail Bielobog, the fire in the sky

I wipe the dust from Your names.


* (Proto-Slavic:  dad jb – bogd )

         dati – “to give,” – bogd – “god