Month for Loki, Day 7: I love Your face.

by beanalreasa

Here are some of my favorite images of Loki.




This is Loki and Alberich by bluefooted on DeviantART.

I really love that only the orange spectrum is used here, and I love the sweet youthfulness of His face.



Here is the most amazing piece from Sceithailm

There is so much that I love about this piece:

 His elegant horns,

the luscious flush of His skin,

the gnarled shadow-trees

that effortlessly bleed into fur and drapery

… and those sorely pink knees of His.

It makes me wonder what kind of shamanic magic He has been working here.

There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground…(indeed!)



This one is a book-cover, drawn by Piotr Cielinski, for a Polish series of novels that was titled The Liar.

I just like that smile, the good luck charms (as if Himself needed such things), and the runes on both weapon and its silencer.

Hell, I just like the concept of Himself as some deranged yet fun-loving Amish mercenary.

What’s not to love?


And lastly, in a similar vein, here’s one of my most recent favorites:


This is Loki from another DA artist – Red_Szajn – titled aptly Surprise, motherf_cker!

from that same Jakub Cwiek series, Klamca (The Liar).

I do wish that this sketch was available for purchase.

I’d hang this in my bathroom, or some similarly random area, just for fun.


( Because I believe that it would seem that Loki is exactly the sort of entity that would approve of such surprises — also referred to His version of a ‘good idea’  –exactly at that moment when one is either unsuspecting, alone, or both — and therefore, a captive audience.)

I mean, how would I know?

I’m just sayin’.


Hail Loki, Fair of Face ❤