Month for Loki, Day 5: Re-Connection

by beanalreasa

I know, I know; I was going to post about yesterday’s concert, but I’m still processing.

Today I had the opportunity to visit with four friends whom Keegen and I have not seen in nearly two years.  One of these friends even threw a sort of impromptu party for me, complete with all my favorite foods and drinks.  As well, the four of us had two years of catching up with each other to do, so we spent most of the day cooking, eating, drinking, and most of all, engaging in some weird and wonderful conversation.

You know how it is often said that your true friends can go for long periods of time without speaking and yet, when you  reconnect with them, the easy comfort of being together again seems as if Time had never passed at all?

Well, I realized today that these four people are *exactly* those sort of friends.  We laughed until our sides hurt and we cried and we talked and we listened to each other until way past sunset.  The hours just flew by and suddenly it was time to go our separate ways again.

But I do not feel the slightest bit frustrated or sad by the fact that the hours passed so quickly.   As a matter of fact,  not only was I was well-fed, had good company, and was wonderfully entertained for the day, I felt seen and heard and most of all, loved.

And that’s more than I could ever have wanted.