by beanalreasa

This past week,  the weather has been pleasant – much cooler than normal, but still rather sunny – and I’ve been appreciating it.

I’ve begun the past few mornings standing in my backyard, listening to the birds.  I’ve been seeing cardinals, bluejays, woodpeckers, and I’ve noticed at least one pair of ravens.

Yes, a pair of ravens have visited me several times over the last month or so.

They appear to be unafraid of my cat, Shasta (who usually delights in chasing most other birds from my yard, and her presence has long kept most birds away.)  Surprisingly she seems to have learned to ignore the ravens, as they’ve most certainly been ignoring her.

Another reason I’ve been enjoying the cooler temperatures is because cooler weather means wearing pants and lately, wearing pants means wearing boots.

The other day I was walking and suddenly, I felt so confident.  I think it had something to do with the sharp steady sound of my boots on the pavement.  I’ve always thought that there’s something just so heartening and bold about that rhythmic sound of boots walking on pavement.

It’s the little things.