Lucky Day

by beanalreasa

When I was a kid, I was told that the day of the week that you were born becomes your ‘lucky’ day. So, that being said, my mom often told me that I was born on a Thursday – so, for years, I thought my lucky day was Thursday. It sure felt like it – perhaps because I believed in it for so long.

But…later on, thanks to Google, I found out that I was actually born on a Wednesday.

I never expected that, since according to that nursery rhyme, Wednesday’s child is (supposedly) full of woe.

Ouch. That’s not nice.

Though I will admit that both of my children – even though they were born 10 years apart – were also born on a Wednesday.

We are a woeful bunch, eh?

So, has Wednesday been any luckier for me than Thursday was?

Well I’ve never noticed much of a difference honestly, but there you have it.

Oh! And according to Google, the day associated with Aries (that’s my zodiac sign) is…Tuesday 樂
Never been a fan of Tuesday tho.

Which day of the week is your lucky day?