A life in threes

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Emotional convolution.

This week has been difficult, and full of complex emotions, especially regarding my closest relationships.

Upon leaving the house this morning, this song was the first to come up:

…which struck me as a clue-by-four concerning one of my particularly thorny yet relevant relationship issues.

After some deep breaths, I realized that I might as well let the song play through.  It’s not like my issues have ever gone away simply because I’ve chosen to ignore them.

(I can only do that for so long, no thanks to pandoramancy.)

But there is something to be said for Meg Myers’ raw howl in the final chorus, as if she has become aware of the same unavoidable truth as I have.

But I embrace it.


He is in my heart…

and my head…

even though that truth rattles me to the core today.









There is so much that I often think that I might want to write about, but then again, things have been so strange, sometimes I think that it would be best to keep certain aspects of what has been happening to myself.

So, in its place, things such as this happen, and it makes a good filler for something else:

The white candle on my Loki altar had a thick clump in its wick this morning.

It was shaped like the Elder Futhark rune,  Algiz  (a Y intersected by a third stave):

runa algiz

….or perhaps a figure with its arms raised upright.
When I lit the candle,  the wick flamed up very high, and the the three prongs of the wick were striated with a swirling orange glow, as the flame sputtered and danced about.

As I watched it burn, I meditated on the various interpretations of Algiz  (or Elhaz)

“Elk-sedge” – (Z, or -R)  – Protection, Shield.  Wards, or guardians.

-Connection with higher self, or connection to gods; an awakening.

– Can be used to channel energies appropriately, or to protect or to hold a position that has been won or earned.

Then I blew out the candle, and the wick slowly shrank and curled downward a bit, as if the wick was a figure with arms lowered


…or perhaps, a person holding arms outward, as if to embrace another.

Or…maybe I am just overthinking, hmmm?