A life in threes

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Sacrifice is the practice of developing the habit of giving without expectation of immediate reward,
and cultivating faith in the larger generalized reciprocity of the universe.
It requires a leap beyond our fear of scarcity, our miserliness in the face of uncertain yields,
in order to let go of a little of what we find precious so that it may be shared.

Sacrifice cultivates the discipline of sharing. It does not require that we give up everything,
but it does require that we give.

Siegfried Goodfellow

OK, I’ll admit it.


First, I’ll admit that, since coming home from Clearwater, I haven’t really been keeping up with my daily, or even weekly, devotions.

* Freyja’s gone two, possibly three Fridays without fresh flowers.  And my normally daily prayer to Her has become more of sporadic one.

* I used to spend at least a half-hour in meditation every morning, outside in the backyard.  Though, I couldn’t tell you the last time that I actually did that…possibly two weeks ago?  Hm.

*Lately, Loki’s gotten maybe three ‘mindful’ cups of coffee from me in the past two weeks.  Though I’ve shared more meals with him than ever….though still not as much as I would’ve normally liked.  And I lost the Sleipnir artwork that I’d been working on after Mother’s Day.  (I really wonder where that ended up…)

*Odin…well, forget it.  I’ve barely said ‘hello’, much less anything else, in that regard.

* Ancestors…oh, here’s the real shame: I totally dogged out on performing any Father’s Day devotions.  I went to read a poem to my Dad, and I totally forgot the words. I’m sorry, Dad.


But, on the upside:

* I’ve cleaned up my front garden, and I noticed that my flowers are all back to blooming like crazy — even the purple daisies – Freyja’s – that I thought had died.  And my rosebush is becoming positively gargatuan.

* I went to Daytona on the weekend of the 9th/10th, and I *did* do several devotions to Njord & Freyja (on Friday), and to Loki and His family (especially Narvi) (on Saturday).  I brought home a few seashells — they look like little teeth, actually — and put them on Loki’s altar Sunday night.

* I also sent some messages out to sea for my Dad, and thought much about him on Sunday.  My Dad  -a former sailor – was the one who first taught me about the beauty and power of the ocean, actually.  A visit to the ocean wouldn’t have been complete without at least a few thoughts and my thanks given to him.

So it’s been a mix.