OK, I’ll admit it.

by beanalreasa


First, I’ll admit that, since coming home from Clearwater, I haven’t really been keeping up with my daily, or even weekly, devotions.

* Freyja’s gone two, possibly three Fridays without fresh flowers.  And my normally daily prayer to Her has become more of sporadic one.

* I used to spend at least a half-hour in meditation every morning, outside in the backyard.  Though, I couldn’t tell you the last time that I actually did that…possibly two weeks ago?  Hm.

*Lately, Loki’s gotten maybe three ‘mindful’ cups of coffee from me in the past two weeks.  Though I’ve shared more meals with him than ever….though still not as much as I would’ve normally liked.  And I lost the Sleipnir artwork that I’d been working on after Mother’s Day.  (I really wonder where that ended up…)

*Odin…well, forget it.  I’ve barely said ‘hello’, much less anything else, in that regard.

* Ancestors…oh, here’s the real shame: I totally dogged out on performing any Father’s Day devotions.  I went to read a poem to my Dad, and I totally forgot the words. I’m sorry, Dad.


But, on the upside:

* I’ve cleaned up my front garden, and I noticed that my flowers are all back to blooming like crazy — even the purple daisies – Freyja’s – that I thought had died.  And my rosebush is becoming positively gargatuan.

* I went to Daytona on the weekend of the 9th/10th, and I *did* do several devotions to Njord & Freyja (on Friday), and to Loki and His family (especially Narvi) (on Saturday).  I brought home a few seashells — they look like little teeth, actually — and put them on Loki’s altar Sunday night.

* I also sent some messages out to sea for my Dad, and thought much about him on Sunday.  My Dad  -a former sailor – was the one who first taught me about the beauty and power of the ocean, actually.  A visit to the ocean wouldn’t have been complete without at least a few thoughts and my thanks given to him.

So it’s been a mix.