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So, it happened.

A woman from one of the Lokean FB groups I am in, has been ‘told’ to ‘hold the bowl for Sigyn.’

She was asking if anyone had done such a ritual, asking for connections to the lore, as well as a possible layout for such a ritual.

Judging by the initial comments, surprisingly, there seemed to be a lot of curious folks that hadn’t heard of it — meanwhile, there were several others who had heard of it but didn’t know where a layout could be found.

So I tried posting a particularly concise layout as a comment to the OP

-and I was dismayed to discover that FB only allows 400 words or less in a comment –

so I sent her a link to a script of the layout (similar to one I’ve used) in a PM message.

(And then to see the few hits to this post right here on this blog.)


I’m taking this as yet another reason that I need to get my ass in gear about the book…

as perhaps this is yet another possible sign from Them

that I should have been at the point of publishing like… yesterday.*


Though honestly, I have been working on the book

but I also have been getting hung up

mostly because, as always

I have been struggling to find the words to succinctly convey what it is that I am trying to say.

 Yes, I have been hemming and hawing with my edits because – if you know me, you know I want it to be perfect.

And then I see this meme posted as a recommended pin on my Pinterest feed:

Point taken, Sir.


* And further nudging abounds with this later comment from another user regarding sharing ritual results: Not all answers are in the past, make this up yourself or with creative friends, and please share what you come up with. We need new, modern rituals like this to worship Loki’s much neglected kin… 

Why yes. Yes, we do.

What Is Godphoning and Do I Want The Responsibility?

A great read on the topic of Godphones and the related responsibilities of having a ‘ Godphone.’

(Though, to be honest, my ‘god-phone’ isn’t akin in the slightest bit to a telephone. It’s less audio-visual and more…tactile/sensation-based. It’s rather difficult to explain.)

Friends On The Other Side

“Dude pick up the phone, Dionysus has been trying to call for three weeks and now He’s bugging ME about you!”

Honestly though, only Dionysus and Hekate have given me the experience of Godphoning. Cthulhu and Morrighan can’t be assed. As Godphoning is such an intensely personal experience that falls into UPG, my mileage may vary from another practitioners’. Generally though, most of us have a lot of common experiences that crop up in all our posts on the subject, and so I’m going to add to that wealth of knowledge.

The funny thing about godphoning is that it’s a joke term. A certain clique of spirit workers, shamans, and other spiritually minded folk were trying to explain the different ways divine communication can occur with humans.  It was a VERY accurate joke though, and it stuck and is now used amongst the general populace. But what is a godphone?

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3rd Blog-aversary

According to WordPress, I have been blogging on bloodteethandflame for three years (as of 28 May 2012), and so I received an email notifying me of my 3rd Anniversary about 10 days ago


Happy Anniversary with!

You registered on 3 years ago!

 Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

That took me quite by surprise, since I had thought that WordPress would be counting from the date of my first blog entry (7 June 2012) rather than the date that I had first registered.

And yes, I had been planning to write an entry on June 7th, simply because I did get quite a peculiar reminder on 26 May 2015:

I was riding in the car, and we were driving through Winter Haven, on the way back from my therapy appointment.   I was riding in the car with V, and we were talking about our kids’ upcoming summer vacation.

I wasn’t really paying attention the cars around me, until he suddenly remarked something about the car that was directly in front of us.

‘Look, it’s a Loki car,’ he said.

I looked at the license plate, expecting that to be what he was referring to, but there was nothing about the license plate that seemed Lokean.


And here is the photo that I took on my phone…but I was not close enough to capture the detail that I am referring to, so you’re just going to have to trust me on this:

It was a Nissan Altima from a Lokey dealership.

(You can almost see their logo (Lokey) to the left of the license plate under the Altima logo if you magnify the photo 200% or so)


And that seems just a funny coincidence – since the last time I had heard reference to a Lokey dealership was here in this entry  — that describes my sleepless night at an event, when V and I were in Clearwater in the first weekend of June 2012.

Which also happens to be the first entry that I wrote on bloodteethandflame. 🙂


It has only been recently that I realize that that this particular reminder arrived perfectly on the day that it was due.


It’s funny how the Universe works, isn’t it?