Found. Poem.

by beanalreasa

Have you ever heard of a found poem?

This morning when I was cleaning the kitchen, I found my son’s word list. It is the 11th Dolch sight word list (for 3rd graders) given to him this year. I don’t know where his teachers draw them from, but this week’s list:

List 11 |draw |together
Wash | clean | please
Show | grow | thank
Hot | best | wish
Because | upon | many
Far | these | shall
Live | sing | laugh
Love |

when combined with his list of problem words/sentence phrases (pencilled from last week on a separate sheet of paper):

With me
You will / you will
And you / For me
I am your
From a / people
and (in clauses)

make for a pretty interesting ‘found poem’:

You draw together with me
Wash clean please before
You will show. You will grow. And you thank for me
I am your Hot best wish
Because upon many
From a Far these people shall
Live and sing and laugh
And Love

Pretty neat.