by beanalreasa

Here is an excellent post from P. Sufenas:


I have to say that this post hits me with food for thought on so many levels, that I am still untangling exactly on which level it inspires me first.

The reason that I link to their post is because it is an amazing post on privilege, passing, and thoughtful discussion on how interactions with others can require that an individual make decision — sometimes daily — to either wear or *not* wear various ‘masks’ that denote ‘normalcy’ in our culture.
Very thought-provoking stuff for me today, as I consider the changes that are manifesting in my own life.
To be perfectly honest, I have been struggling lately with several key situations and changes concerning my job, my marriage, my gender, and my spirituality.
It seems almost more than a coincidence that we are coming up on a year since I participated in a very moving mask ritual in honor of Loki and April 1st.
I realize that, last year, there were a few masks that I had decided to discard, and in that regard, I feel that April 1st 2012 was a significant ‘coming out’ for me in a few, very important ways.
I discarded two significant ‘masks’, and yet, I realize that there remain several other masks firmly in place.
In that vein, I am thinking on what masks still serve me, and what masks I am willing to discard for the sake of authenticity.
I may not get to choose, and so, I sit with the possibilities.