Month for Loki Day 28: Odin’s Raven Rune Charm

by beanalreasa

I wanted to highlight the existence of this because I’m fascinated with it.
The Youtube video (as referenced at Freya’s Labyrinth) does have a particularly unusual line, referring to ‘the wolf of friendliness’ — and I especially love that metaphor.
Hel, I love the concept of this being a sort of mysterious fragment of poetry whose existence doesn’t seem to fit into any other portion of the lore.
As well, I am intrigued with the possibility (posited in the referenced introductory commentary from Sophus Bugge) that to be able to comprehend the meaning of this poem might be an initiation into the some sort of Mystery itself.
There are other translations, as seen here
But the best way that I have found to examine it, is to listen to it yourself