Hold on, I’m having a moment…

by beanalreasa

About three o’ clock this afternoon, I was having a moment in my local Publix, when I realized that the Doors’ rendition of “Gloria’ was playing on the in-store music system.

Of course, it was likely this version:


…because it ended entirely too soon.

While I definitely heard Jim Morrison screaming, I don’t think that it was the full Doors’ (read ‘dirty’) version:

Lyrics here

…which totally involves that infamous second and third verse.


But I know those verses, so while I was half-expecting them, I was also sadly aware that I was standing there in the canned goods aisle, with my mind on all those things that Publix doesn’t intend to sell to me.

But! — if Publix had played the full version, then it would have totally been a…truly Dionysian moment par excellence.

“Here she is in my room, oh boy…”

Oh boy, indeed.