Month for Loki, Day 12: Lightning

by beanalreasa

I walked to the grocery store today, to pick up something for dinner.

It had begun to rain shortly before I left, so I was unusually prepared for once, and I brought my umbrella.

So there I was walking under my umbrella, listening to my iPod, and thinking about what sort of meat that I should buy for dinner…

And next thing I know, I do believe that I came extremely close to being struck by lightning.

I was listening to Marilyn Manson’s cover of ‘Personal Jesus’* on my iPod —


and right at that final chorus of Reach out and touch faith


–I saw a bright flash and I felt a brief electric shock that made my hand go numb.

I dropped my umbrella, frightened, and looked up as I heard the after-rumble.



Right then, Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’ began to play on my iPod.


All right-y then.


Hail Loki ❤

Hail Thor!


Hail the Gods and ancestors!



*’Personal Jesus’ is a song that I have long associated with Loki.

‘Immigrant Song’ is a song about Vikings – and thus, I’ve found it an easy association with the Norse Gods.