Month for Loki, Day 11: Outing.

by beanalreasa

I went with my kid, K, and V, to a baseball game today.

It was enjoyable insofar that I discovered that it was a lot closer to where I’m living now than I had thought it would be.

(I might just go to a game on my own, as I prefer to go to a live baseball game rather than to watch one on TV any day, but we’ll see.)


A few things happened at the game that seemed to signal that His presence, too, much to K’s delight, especially in that the opposing team’s second catcher was a young man of above-average height and build for a baseball player (at 6’3 and 230 lbs) — with long bright red hair.

What further inspired the thought was in that before the game began, this catcher – #33 – walked past us, and looked right at us for a good 20 seconds.  Something V had been saying seemed to catch his attention briefly, and he stopped walking, looked at V and frowned, but then he smiled at K and I, before walking away.

(We didn’t see him again, until the end of the game, which struck me as odd, too.  I would’ve liked to have seen him play.)


The other thing, was feeling the feels during mundane things, such as during the singing of the national anthem, and then again, during the seven-inning stretch.

It must have been because we sang, but K kept looking over at me, asking if I could feel that He was about.