by beanalreasa

This is what I meant to share on my Facebook wall:

From the Elephant Love & Relationships page:

“And I will love some of you with some of me, and then all of you with all of me, if you let me and if I let you, as we get to know. And I hope we each have the honor and pleasure to feel sad, together, and joy, together, and lust, together…and lunch on the lawn at Farmers’ Market, together. I like dumplings with too much hot sauce.”

Join,, get the book when it releases.”


Now I ask you:

Who does this sound like to you?


I dunno…Do you?


It is truly the Subtlesauce that sings!


So here goes….

Now won’t  you sing *that* fscking song with me?

Alll of mee loves all of yooouuu…