Big things, little things.

by beanalreasa

Well, it’s been a mix this last week or so, but I got through.

(Because, you see, I’ve got a 100% success rate of getting through increments of several days….and so do you!)

Here are some big things:

– Broken appliances were fixed!

– Personal computer was upgraded to Windows 10!

– Connections were made between seemingly unrelated doxas!

And most important of all…

-Barring that one creepy hang-up call I received on Thursday afternoon,  I had a quiet and blissfully uneventful weekend.

And here are some little things:

– My new ankle bracelet broke for the third time this week.  Either I don’t know how to make an ankle bracelet properly, or…I dunno, I really don’t know how to make an ankle bracelet properly.

-School is getting ready to start up again.  Where did my lovely summer go?

– I perfected my barbecue sauce recipe.  🙂