Going at it again: ‘Spread the word, they said,’ Part II

by beanalreasa

Earlier last week, I was surprised to report that I did not see any more of those ‘blurb of God’ signs that peppered my neighborhood last week.

As you may have read in the post, I went through and re-purposed and replaced many of them to reflect a balance of other spiritual beliefs:


As a matter of fact, it would seem that the Housing Authority had removed all of them as of Wednesday of last week.

I felt gratified to think that my point had been made, as I had not seen them replaced.

Until today.




I must say that I’m a fan of that second blurb, the one written in cursive/black ink.

It reads:

Jesus loves you like any one else.  don’t worry.

I am especially tempted to respond to this one with snark, thusly:

Dear Jesus:

I thought that You said that I was special!  I am worried that You love everyone else more than me 😦

or better yet…

 Dear Jesus:

 So I take it that You are capable of breaking my heart ‘like any one else’ that loves me, too.  No thanks 😦