MfL One : Lokabrenna

by beanalreasa

So here it is — July again!

And, as is tradition, this blog will be participating in a Month for Loki – that’s 30 days of devotional posting in honor of the Norse God, Loki Laufeyjarson

So, to start things off, here’s a short devotional prayer by ladybrythwensinclair, on Tumblr :

Hail Loki

“Hail to the Friend of the Wanderer

Hail to the Keeper of the Torch of Summer*

Hail to the Laughing God of Trickery

Bless and walk with us this day”


Artwork: Lokabrenna, sketch by trixter-noname


*The star Sirius is associated with Loki and known in antiquity as Loki’s Torch (Lokabrenna). It is associated also with the hottest part of summer in the northern hemisphere (aka the dog days of summer).